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Unaccounted Carbon is a risk to Business

Carbon Pricing and Climate Disclosures impact every company regardless of size. Carbon pricing isn’t just about healing the climate, it’s a part of what makes a company profitable. Failing to manage your risk exposure to the rising price of carbon is simply poor business management.   

Have all your information in one secure place that enables you to assign verifiable dollar amounts to a company’s carbon footprint, create climate disclosures, manage carbon credits, and record all carbon data (even from the supply chain) all auditable and built-in compliance with international accounting standards. more and more investors are integrating climate risk into their investment thesis to capture opportunities.

This is no longer a trend, or just a moral issue, being environmentally conscious is simply good business.  

New to Climate Accounting?

Simply put Climate Accounting is the proactive action of managing a company’s relationship to its supply chain and exposing risks to the rising prices of carbon. 

Climate Accounting gives finance teams the ability to manage the supply chain and its environmental impact. Scop3 Software uses Climate accounting to provide more accurate and valuable consulting services. 

Carbon Pricing is here to stay. 

Carbon pricing and climate disclosures are not going anywhere. It is proven that involving financial professionals is key to transparent and accurate accountings of a company’s climate impact.

To keep up with the rising prices of carbon and provide the best data for climate disclosures, Climate accounting is needed to help CPAs with this responsibility. Climate accounting can help prevent greenwashing and advise on controls to client’s financial risk. Even if climate disclosures in your region aren’t mandatory, shareholders and clients are starting to request this information.

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Benefits of SCOP3 Software

SCOP3 is less expensive than environmental consultants and provides more data and security than a free online calculator.

Calculate supply chain emissions and add GHG emissions to the vendor selection process.

Includes tools for Risk management, GHG reporting, Carbon calculations, Climate disclosures, Carbon credits and more

The only software that can provide audit ready climate information for assurance.

The New Standard Of Sustainability 

At Standard Carbon we understand the importance of having transparent, accurate climate data. As one of the only accredited GHG verifiers in Canada, and one of the recognized leaders in this industry in North America, it’s our mission to squash greenwashing and shape the new standard of sustainability.


Be a leader

In addition to the incoming S.E.C. climate disclosure regulations, climate disclosures are soon going to be the responsibility of accountants and finance professionals. That’s great! Climate accounting should follow the same rigorous standards as corporate finance. SCOP3 Software achieves this making you a leader in raising climate strategy standards

Convert Carbon Emissions To Financial Data In A Click 


Our intuitive dashboard works with your finance professional to perform climate accounting effortlessly, with no specialized environmental knowledge required!

Carbon offsets, carbon footprints, regulatory disclosure requirements, and supply chain decisions have a large and growing effect on the financial performance of a corporation. Climate Accounting aggregates climate data from internal operations, external vendors, and carbon offset purchases to provide a clear window into the climate performance of the firm. SCOP3 also offers standardized reporting which is audit-ready for assurance.

No other software can do any of this. We checked.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between Carbon Accounting & Climate Accounting?

Carbon accounting is a very limited, complex way of keeping track of carbon emissions and only provides carbon footprint calculations and reports. Climate accounting manages every side of climate management, from carbon emissions that are attached to a company’s supply chain, exporting climate data for every regulatory and mandatory need and managing carbon credits. Climate accounting is created with CPA’s in mind to provide simple, transparent, environmental information in the same vein as financial documents. Giving space for sustainability and financial departments to work together.

What is the SEC Climate disclosure?

SEC (the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission) proposed a rule requiring a more advanced version of ESG reporting by making climate change disclosures mandatory in the same vein as financial documents. This new rule would require businesses to disclose GHG information surrounding Scope 1,2 and 3. Do you have a plan in place? Let Scop3 do all the work for you, and be prepared for these new regulations!  

Who is Standard Carbon?

Standard Carbon is the first GHG verifier in Canada accredited to ISO 14065:2020 standard providing GHG validation and verification services. Created in Canada this environmental tech startup is a member and signatory of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the AICPA/CPA accelerator cohort for 2022. Standard Carbon’s mission is to make carbon footprint reports more transparent and accessible and help companies reach net zero faster.  

Is there a tax component to SCOP3?

SCOP3 is built for compliance with disclosure/reporting requirements. Risk management comes from a strong understanding of exposure to carbon pricing/tax . It is not specifically for tax, but it will contain those features in future roll outs

What are Scope 3 Emissions?

Scope 3 emissions are all indirect Greenhouse Gas emissions from a company’s supply chain. Most of the time Scope 3 makes up 80% of a company’s carbon footprint, but because they are tricky to calculate they are rarely accounted for in Carbon Footprint reports. Leaving customers and investors feeling tricked and claiming to greenwash. Scop3 is dedicated to solving this issue by creating solutions to have accurate accounts of Scope 3 emissions.

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