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Understand Your Risk To The Rising Price Of Carbon.  

Failing to manage your risk exposure to increasing carbon prices is poor business management. Yet, there are no tools to help.

Until now. SCOP3 uses climate accounting to manage climate-related risks across your entire company and supply chain. Convert your environmental data to financial information with one click. Audit ready and includes built-in compliance. 

Finally, be able to control your supply chain’s environmental impact and provide high-quality environmental information for consumers and investors. 

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Introducing Climate Accounting

Climate Accounting gives finance teams the ability to manage the supply chain and its environmental impact. Scop3 Software uses Climate accounting to provide more accurate and valuable consulting services. 

Climate accounting is crucial for understanding and addressing the impacts of climate change. Without it, we risk making decisions that undermine our ability to heal the climate. 

In addition, climate accounting can help businesses and investors make more informed decisions about their activities and investments. By understanding the carbon footprint of different products and services, they can choose more sustainable options.

Meet SCOP3: The #1 Software for Healing the Climate

SCOP3® has all tools needed to complete any climate-related reporting task. Create invoices and reports with all standardized content attached. Easily export data with high assurance. Work seamlessly with the whole supply chain to disclose Carbon Footprint information including data from all Scopes of emissions.

This new software lays out all your environmental data in a way that can be understood by everyone. Assuring you that your company’s actions to heal the climate and lastly protect your exposure to climate risks are worth the investment. 

Benefits of SCOP3 Software

Affordable for industries of all sizes.

Calculate supply chain emissions and add GHG emissions to the vendor selection process.

Provides data from Scope 1,2 and 3!

Includes tools for risk management, GHG reporting, Carbon calculations, Climate disclosures, Managing carbon credits and more.

The only software that can provide audit ready climate information for assurance.

Built to work with your finance team.

The New Standard Of Sustainability 

At Standard Carbon we understand the importance of having transparent, accurate climate data. As one of the only accredited GHG verifiers in Canada, and one of the recognized leaders in this industry in North America, it’s our mission to squash greenwashing and shape the new standard of sustainability.


Be a leader

In addition to the incoming S.E.C. climate disclosure regulations, climate disclosures and recent discussions at COP27. There is a serious push for companies to provide transparent environmental data. Standard Carbon believes Climate accounting should follow the same rigorous standards as corporate finance. SCOP3 Software achieves this making you a leader in achieving these high standards within your climate strategy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t get all your questions answered here, please contact us at

Who is Standard Carbon?

Standard Carbon is the first GHG verifier in Canada accredited to ISO 14065:2020 standard providing GHG validation and verification services. Created in Canada this environmental tech startup is a member and signatory of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the AICPA/CPA accelerator cohort for 2022. Standard Carbon’s mission is to make climate disclosures more transparent and accessible and help companies reach net zero faster.  While also providing a platform for industries to confidently manage their carbon offsets, insets, and credits 

How does SCOP3 help CPAs?

Yes! Climate accounting and SCOP3 can bring a lot of benefits to your accounting practice. Adding climate accounting to your CAS practice is a great opportunity to grow your services and protect the planet.


SCOP3 allows the CPA to assess the potential financial impacts of climate-related risks and opportunities on their client’s businesses. This includes identifying potential losses from extreme weather events, as well as opportunities for cost savings and revenue generation through the adoption of sustainable practices.

CPAs can support their clients in meeting regulatory requirements, such as carbon disclosure and reduction targets, and demonstrate their sustainability efforts to stakeholders with little effort.

Be able to assist your clients in identifying and implementing strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of emerging market opportunities.

Overall, SCOP3 helps CPAs to support their clients in managing the financial risks and opportunities associated with climate change and contribute to a more sustainable climate and economy.


How does SCOP3 help Manufacturers?

SCOP3 can help manufacturers provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of their carbon footprint. This allows them to identify areas of their operations where they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and become more sustainable.

With climate accounting, manufacturers can track and monitor their emissions over time, setting targets and implementing strategies to achieve their sustainability goals.

It also helps them to understand the potential financial impacts of climate change on their business, and to make informed decisions about investments in renewable energy and other climate-related initiatives.

Improve environmental performance, reduce costs, and heal the climate.

How does SCOP3 help Small Businesses?

SCOP3 helps small businesses in many ways. We made this software affordable for small business owners to track and measure carbon emissions, which can be used to set reduction targets and implement more sustainable practices.

Now small businesses can meet regulatory requirements and provide insight into the business’s vulnerability to climate-related risks so we can all transition to a low-carbon economy. 

No expensive environmental consultants, no special degree, just simple climate action.

What is the SEC Climate disclosure?

SEC (the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission) proposed a rule requiring a more advanced version of ESG reporting by making climate change disclosures mandatory in the same vein as financial documents. This new rule would require businesses to disclose GHG information surrounding Scope 1,2 and 3. Do you have a plan in place? Let Scop3 do all the work for you, and be prepared for these new regulations!  

How much does it cost?

SCOP3 is currently in development. With a demo coming in early 2023. Sign up now for reduced pricing and limited-time discounts. 

What are Scope 3 Emissions?

Scope 3 emissions are all indirect Greenhouse Gas emissions from a company’s supply chain. Most of the time Scope 3 makes up 80% of a company’s carbon footprint, but because they are tricky to calculate they are rarely accounted for in Carbon Footprint reports. Leaving customers and investors feeling tricked and claiming to greenwash. Scop3 is dedicated to solving this issue by creating solutions to have accurate accounts of Scope 3 emissions.

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